What is the Bankruptcy Register And How Does It Work?

Once you have been made bankrupt you may want to know if any public record of the process will be made available. If you have heard of the bankruptcy register but are not sure of what it is or if you will be included on it, we explain more about how it works and what sort of details are kept on file.

What is the bankruptcy register?

The bankruptcy register is a public record of anyone who is made bankrupt in England and Wales. It can be referred to by creditors, employers, banks and landlords and anyone else wishing to carry out checks related to your financial background. Only individuals are recorded on the register and not companies and it can be searched online for free.

Will I be added to the insolvency register if I go bankrupt?

Will I be added to bankruptcy register?

If you have been made officially bankrupt, you will be placed onto the insolvency register. This happens as soon as the bankruptcy order has been processed.

To see your details you will need to contact the official receiver, or you can search online via the Individual Insolvency Register (IIR).

What details are included?

The type of details held on the register includes the person’s name, date of birth, gender, address and occupation. Information about the bankruptcy case will also be featured, including the name of the official receiver who managed the process and the date when the individual will be discharged from bankruptcy, along with any discharge suspensions that may have been implemented.

How long will I be on the insolvency register for?

You should expect your details to remain on the insolvency register for up to three months after you have been discharged.

Details about your bankruptcy will also remain on your credit file for 6 years. During this period it will impact negatively on your credit score and you will find it more difficult to secure credit.

Will details about my bankruptcy be published anywhere else?

Online insolvency register

As well as your details being made available via the online register, it will also be shown in the London Gazette. This is an official government journal that is publicly available but is not something many people outside of specific industries are aware of. Details about your bankruptcy will also not be published in a national or local newspaper, so you won’t have to worry about your details being revealed in that way.

Is there a way to stop my details being published?

You can apply for a Persons at Risk of Violence (PARV) order if you believe there is a risk that either you or your family might be put in danger if your address is published. This can be applied for once your bankruptcy has begun. The form is submitted to your local court and you will be required to attend a hearing to see the final decision made.

Last Updated on September 1, 2023